New year updates

Hi there, hope the new year has been treating you well. Here are some updates on what's been going on + an update on the events of 2017.

1. I've revamped the website layout to something that is (hopefully) more reader-friendly.

It's obviously not professionally done, but it'll have to do until I can afford to pay a designer to do it up nicely!

2. Here are some of my latest works that you should read if you haven't already:

A Homecoming Story [A review of "And the Walls Come Crumbling Down" by Tania De Rozario]

In Defense of my Arts Degree: Why the Arts are absolutely essential

And of course, my most read work of 2016:

Racism Looks Different in Singapore-And Yes, it Still Hurts [Shared 4, 100 times in 2 weeks]


3. What's up for 2017?

I will be moderating a panel session at the All-In! Young Writers Festival 2017 happening from 10-12 March. The session I'm moderating is called Writing with your soul: "The All-In experience" on the 12th, and here's what it's about:

In 2016, student-lyricists and local bands came together to write and arrange songs, under an NYC-supported programme. One year on, how do they perceive the market for young lyricists and bands, and the level of acceptance to original content in the Singapore in general, and the regional market at large?

To find out all the deets and also about the many other programmes schedules for the festival, check out this website

That's all for now,here's to a great 2017 ahead!

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