Connecting the Dots

I did not expect to spend my last summer before graduation this way, doing marketing for a play, running around helping to produce videos and delivering sponsorship decks. It's been a process of great trial and error. And in a way, the hands-on experience I'm getting through this experience is something that could never be replicated in an internship elsewhere, simply because our tiny team only knows as little as we know and everything is truly, roughing it out, experimenting with different ways to get things done, making countless mistakes and trying to fix them.

Every day is really fulfilling, even I'm just sitting around sending (literally) 100 emails out. The work I do has a direct impact on how ESD and UNSAID is going to progress, and that is a great feeling. At the end of this, I know that at the very least I'll have some very cool stories to tell.

I'm also focusing on writing. I've written something new/edited an old piece every other day now. I think if I keep this up I'll have enough to (start to) work with for a new collection by the end of the summer.

If there's anything I've learnt so far is that, it's a cliche, but Steve Jobs was right. You can only connect the dots looking backwards, and everything has played out just the way it needs to. Everything that seemed to be going wrong towards the end of the last semester was just an opportunity for me to take a less conventional path, but ultimately one that is more suited for me.

The summer is just beginning, and i can't wait.

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