8 survival tips/things I've learnt so far.

A couple of people have asked me recently how I find the time to do everything I do. I thought I'd write a post on some tricks I've learnt to help me cope with life. In a way I cannot take all the credit for the content of this post, it is a cumulative, collective wisdom. Anyway here it goes:

1. If you don't schedule it, it will not happen...

For one of two reasons:

1) You will forget. You think you won't but you will.

2) You will be so tired from having to remember everythng you have to do, then you won't have the energy to focus on what you REALLY need to do.


Get a reminder app: And don't just put "Do Econs essay on Tuesday the 5th of June".

Write down something more specific like "Do Econs essay outline on Tuesday at 4p.m."

I schedule everything, including rest time.it's how I stay sane.

2. Sleep.

You know those people who can survive on 4 hours of sleep every night during the busy part of the school term? I am definitely not one of them.I prioritise sleep over everything else. I find that if I sleep enough everything else falls into place. There is no point rushing an essay and sacrificing sleep. Also, if you follow tip 1 you'll never have to pull an all-nighter again. I personally refuse to do so. I care about my work, but not that much.

3. Make time to exercise

I only go for a run once a week now, which isn't great. But I have to say even that one run a week really clears my head. Listen to your body. It already knows what you need.

4. Thank people

We all know the feeling of being taken for granted or undervalued. It's part and parcel of urban life, when people are too busy to appreciate your small but important contribution. I really don't like this. That's why I try to make the extra effort to thank people for the work they do. I try to text all my writers from TR to thank them whenever an article they write is published. They do important work and I don't want them to think that nobody noticed. People always remember how you made them feel.

5. Put yourself out there.

For a long time, I kept waiting for someone to tell me that I have talent and potential and that I'm going to do great things. I later figured out that person is me. It's a lot faster to gain new experiences if you put yourself out there, than if you sit around waiting for someone to sign you up for things.

6.Don't be selfish.

Share your notes, help other people. Other people know things you don't and you know things they don't. Helping someone else doesn't take away that knowledge from you.

7. Learn when to say "no".

There will be days when you have a really important event to do but you're so drained and you feel really bad about it. This is when it's really important to learn how to bow out gracefully. It's okay. Whoever is expecting you will forgive you. Or they'll just have to get over it.

8. Forgive yourself.

This is by far the hardest item on the list. Forgive yourself for bad days, PMS, when you just missed the bus, when you can't concentrate in class, when you get into a fight with a friend, when you're just too tired. You are not superman/woman. It is okay. But more than that, you are not that important. The world will not end if you mess up on one day. The sun will rise again tomorrow.

Hang in tight for the rest of the semester/ school/work term/year everyone. :)

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