May 20, 2016

I did not expect to spend my last summer before graduation this way, doing marketing for a play, running around helping to produce videos and delivering sponsorship decks. It's been a process of great trial and error. And in a way, the hands-on experience I'm getting t...

November 8, 2015

A couple of people have asked me recently how I find the time to do everything I do. I thought I'd write a post on some tricks I've learnt to help me cope with life. In a way I cannot take all the credit for the content of this post, it is a cumulative, collective wisd...

August 8, 2015

All these people around us, the people we call our friends, they're gonna have more money than us, and have nicer houses than us and have prettier clothes than us. And they'll seem like they have it all together.

But you and me, we're going to have crazy adventures. We...

June 11, 2015

This is a post I've been thinking about writing for a long while, but hesitated about for a really long while. 



For the sake of chronology, I will start at the beginning: the day G enlisted for National Service. I remember we had a silent lunch at the Manhattan Fish...

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