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Old and new, side by side in Geylang [A review of Geylang by W!ld Rice]
Sex, ageing and the courage to be happy [A review of My mother buys condoms by W!ld Rice]
Exploring the Modern Malay Identity in Projek Suitcase 2016 [by Teater Ekamatra]
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A Homecoming Story [A review of "And the Walls Come Crumbling Down" by Tania De Rozario]
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Doodle video to promote "Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare in the park" (co-scriptwriter)
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Surviving Sem 2: A Guide for Freshmen
Evening of Poetry and Music: Time out with Nigel and Ezra [Interview]
Evening of Poetry and Music: Up close and personal with Maryam and Zu [Interview] 
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